Boxabl verification check

Boxabl Passes Verified Check

CrowdCheck has issued a Verified Check to Boxabl Inc. in preparation for the sale of up to $75,000,000 through various distribution channels of Non-voting Series A-2, A-1, and Series A Preferred Stock and Common Stock (the “Offering”).

What is a Company Verification Check?

A verified company is one that has been verified by an independent third party. There are many reasons why a company might want to verify its identity. The first one is credibility and trustworthiness. When you verify your business, you show the world that you are reliable and trustworthy and this will help to build trust with your customers. Verification also helps to protect your business from fraudsters who might try to steal your identity or use it for illegal purposes. The last reason why verification is important is that it makes it easier for people looking for your business online to find you and contact you more easily. This is yet another reason to invest in Boxabl.

What Verification Entails

The Verified Check investigates the business for indications that it is, in fact, the type of business it claims to be, that it has been legally founded and is in good standing with a US state and that it meets all legal requirements to solicit investment through an online securities offering. Verified Check attests to compliance with Regulation A of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Through interviews, phone calls, and written documentation, CrowdCheck gathers evidence to back the company’s claims.

As an added security precaution, the Verified Check looks for evidence of the company’s material claims in its Form 1-A. Having acquired evidence from Boxabl and other reputable third parties, CrowdCheck is willing to offer Boxabl its highest trust rating.

Even while the Verified Check provides evidence that a firm is legitimate, that Regulation A is followed, and that the statements evaluated by CrowdCheck are supported by facts, it is not definitive proof that these things are true. Importantly, the Verified Check is not intended to be used as investment advice and makes no mention of company success probabilities. You should always use your own discretion when determining whether or not to invest in something.

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