How Can I Invest in Boxabl Company?

Yes. More information is available here.

How do I reserve a Casita?

You can reserve on here

How much does a Casita Boxabl Tiny Home Cost?

Casita pricing will be quoted on an individual basis. Due to unprecedented inflation and a lengthy waiting list for Casitas, we are unable to offer fixed pricing on our website. For instance, if you reserve a Casita now and it takes a year to arrive, we do not know how the cost of raw materials will vary in a year, therefore we cannot lock in a price. When we reach your position in line, we will confirm pricing and the subsequent stages. Even in the current inflationary climate, we continue to believe that Boxabl is the most cost-effective housing solution ever.

What Does Installation Look Like?

Not at all Boxabl sells a room module technology that can significantly reduce construction duration in real estate development projects. Nevertheless, setup, installation, foundation, utilities, roofing system, and further finishing touches must be added. Boxabl is substantially finished from the factory, including the kitchen, bathroom, electricity, flooring, and windows, among others. However, it is essential to recognize that you are not purchasing a completed home.

How Large or Small is the Casita Boxabl Tiny Home?

The Casita is 375 square feet in size, measuring 19.5 x 19.5 feet with 9.5-foot ceilings. It weighs approximately 15,000 pounds.

What is the Shipping Cost?

These can be delivered anywhere in the world. Shipping may range between $3 and $8 per mile. We will shortly have additional shipping details.

Do You Offer Worldwide Shipping?

If you pay for shipping, we will ship the unit to any location.

When will Boxabl Begin Shipping?

We recently completed our first order, which included 156 units for the United States government. We are still awaiting regulatory authorization to begin selling to the general public. Once we have the necessary approvals, we will communicate the next stages.

Who Builds the Units?

Boxabl solely sells modular rooms. We will connect you with a local Boxabl-certified and state-licensed installation expert.

Can Anyone Install a Boxabl Home or Will I Need Help?

This video shows how a Boxabl installation works. m os

Additionally, we can find a local contractor who can handle this for you.

Do You Need Land?

Yes! You will need land to install a Boxabl tiny home.

Do You Help with Land Preparation?

To a certain degree. As with any new development, it would be necessary to clear the area. In addition, you must create a foundation and add utilities so that they may be plugged in once the Boxabl home has been installed.

How are Utilities Linked?

Plumbing, electricity, and HVAC systems are factory-installed in your Boxabl. On-site attachment of utilities to the outer corner of the Boxabl.

Do I require a License to Install Something on my Property?

Yes, you probably will. Check out:

Can the Product be Stacked?

Yes! Boxabls can be stacked on top of one another.  Here is a video that shows the example:

Can They Be Placed Side by Side?

Yes! Here is a video that demonstrates that:
Boxabl modules can be joined next to one another. The possibilities are endless.

Can you Personalize Boxabl?

Currently, we are unable to personalize any Boxabl. It can be modified or customized after receipt.

Can I Finance my Boxabl Purchase?

Yes! Boxabl will serve as a liaison between customers and our finance partners. There are many financing choices accessible. Prior to finalizing your Box order, our financial partners will contact you to explore available loan options. It is possible to finance a Boxabl with a conventional 30-year mortgage.

How Long Does the Unit Last?

Our units are designed to endure longer than traditional structures.

How About the Roof?

The Casita has a watertight, insulated, and snow load-rated flat roof. In regions that require a pitched roof, you and your roofing contractor will add a roof solution on-site. In the future, we intend to offer blueprints and even a roofing solution that will be sold separately.

How Well is a Boxabl Unit Insulated?

The home has excellent insulation. The design resembles that of an igloo cooler or refrigerator. If all the air is contained and conditioned, the structure will perform well in extremely hot or cold conditions.

Is Boxabl Earthquake-Tested?

We haven’t tested this yet, but we anticipate that it will be rated for all earthquake zones; our production process results in an extremely sturdy structure. Once available, we will provide third-party test data about this.

Are They Wind-Resistant?

Yes! Boxabls are rated to withstand hurricane-force winds. They can withstand the strongest winds in North America.

How Does a Boxabl Home Fare Against Flooding?

Boxabl does not use wood or drywall. The building materials are not susceptible to water damage or mold growth. This implies that if your Boxabl becomes flooded, the water will drain out, leaving the construction intact.

Are They Resistant to Fire?

Nothing is immune to fire. Boxabl, however, was designed with fire resistance in mind. Both the inside and outside of the building are covered with noncombustible materials. This suggests that flying embers that cause forest fires will not ignite your Boxabl.

Are they Energy-Efficient?

Boxabl structures are highly energy-efficient. Their air conditioning systems are significantly smaller than those of conventional homes. This is due to the high R-value insulation, the compact building envelope, and the limited thermal bridges.

What kind of certification or license do you need to put up a tiny house in your backyard?

This is not necessarily concerning Boxabl tiny homes, but it could shed light on how licensing for tiny homes works. When it comes to putting up a tiny house in your backyard, it’s important to understand the certification and licensing requirements. While specific regulations may vary depending on your location, there are some general guidelines to consider.

One key aspect is obtaining the necessary building permits and adhering to local building codes. These codes ensure that structures meet safety standards and are constructed properly. Familiarize yourself with the building codes for tiny houses in your area, as they may have specific requirements for size, materials, foundation type, utilities, and more.

In addition to building codes, you may also need to obtain a Boxabl building license or similar certification if you choose a prefabricated tiny house option like Boxabl. This license ensures that the construction process follows industry standards and regulations.

It’s crucial to research and consult with local authorities or professionals who specialize in tiny house regulations. They can guide the specific certifications or licenses required for your backyard tiny house project.

By understanding and complying with these certification and licensing requirements, you can ensure that your backyard tiny house meets all necessary standards while providing a safe living space for you or your intended occupants.

How About Snow?

Yes! Boxabls is rated for 90% of North America’s snow loads and may be adapted for the remaining 10%.

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