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Boxabl Casita Tiny House

Why Invest in Boxabl Stock?

We began requesting cash from investors in 2020 with the goal of developing a new sort of housing factory, which we accomplished, and we are currently exporting houses.

After completing the first phase with success, we are now prepared to go on to the second phase.

Every minute, a typical automotive manufacturer, such as those operated by Ford or Tesla, manufactures one vehicle. Isn’t it time that houses received the same treatment?

Because of Boxabl’s technology, this will be a possibility. We are currently seeking $1.07 billion in finance in order to build the world’s largest and most innovative housing factory. Interested in making a $70 million investment in a Reg A+/Reg D fund?

You can purchase shares in our company, and we intend to go public in the future through an initial public offering (IPO) or a secondary public offering (SPAC). These are the current market prices for the company’s common stock. For investors, there are two prices per share level to choose from: $10,000 per share and $10,000 per share, respectively.

Casitas have been reserved by more than 60,000 people, generating more than $1 billion in annual revenue for the resort.

Casitas are already being produced at the company’s first plant, which will have a capacity of 3,600 units per year when fully operational. The potential for revenue is $180,000,000. The number of patent applications for this technology is increasing all the time.

ADS, Inc. has placed two purchase orders for 156 residences, which have been received.

Massive opportunities to improve the lives of billions of people exist right now.

Construction methods such as these are the only ones that can be mass-manufactured in a factory such as an automobile factory. Isn’t it true that we’ve passed the point where we can construct houses in the same way that we can construct anything else in our lives?

Porsche Consulting Inc. was hired by Volkswagen Group to assist with the design and construction of Boxabl’s new manufacturing facility. There is significant potential to disrupt a massive and outmoded trillion-dollar building construction industry, beginning with the rapidly rising Accessory Dwelling Unit sector in the United States of America.

Make use of the partner factory model to generate funds from other individuals and to expand your company’s reach internationally. Every major country was represented by more than 100 potential partners who expressed an interest in establishing joint manufacturing facilities in their respective countries.
A product that may be used to construct virtually any sort of structure in virtually any country.

Why Investors are Raving About Our Stock

It is our opinion that Boxabl stock has tremendous potential across the globe. That’s because of the company’s core mission of supplying low-cost prefabricated factory-made weatherproof homes. The future is so bright boxabl plans to begin franchising operations soon.

Our building modules (which are now in the pre-production stage) can be shipped quickly, are made in the factory, and may be customized in an almost infinite number of ways. Over 40,000 people have expressed interest in the product, and about 2,000 people have actually paid a deposit. With a $9.2 million order, the US federal government is our first initial customer.

Currently, we’re building a 170,000 square foot facility with the capacity to create thousands of readily shippable homes and millions in income.

A total of 17+ patent applications safeguard this construction technology, making it one of the few that can be mass-produced in a factory-like automobile. We’re set to shake up the trillion-dollar building construction industry with our cutting-edge technology.

Previously, $21,219,313 was on the waiting list

If scheduled customer feedback is not given on time, it will have a significant impact. As a result, we recommend that you commit to only what you can provide on schedule and with complete client satisfaction. The company is working towards 100 percent automation for maintaining a sustainable growth rate. Over time Boxabl will undoubtedly come out with more designs, particularly stacked ones, in the future. All of the other indicators point to a positive outcome. Boxabl is poised to become the Tesla of the housing industry. Invest now in Boxabl stock!