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Boxable Homes are a new, radical idea for homeownership

Boxable is a newcomer on the market, providing ultra-modern folding dwellings constructed in a precision manufacturing setting using cutting-edge materials and the newest technologies. Most of us have been pre-programmed to believe that house ownership entails a 30-year mortgage and 2,600 square feet to call our own, yet this way of thinking has mostly rendered homeownership unaffordable, and those who do jump in spend years of their lives figuring out how to pay their home.

The question is: should I save for a down payment on a house or should I invest in life experiences and travel before settling down?… However, if I go, it will put me further behind in terms of being able to buy a home. Boxable Homes is the common-sense solution to this dilemma. It emphasizes downsizing and simplification, with the significant financial benefit of more time and flexibility to enjoy life.

These box houses are delivered directly to your backyard and take less than two hours to unfurl. However, isn’t it better? A completely equipped house costs less than $50,000!

This Boxable Folding House is the Ideal Home Ownership Option for Travelers Interested in Owning a Tiny Home!

Casita Boxable

Many of us have been straining ourselves to buy homes that are actually larger than they need. And this is why homeownership has become such a burden for many.

Boxable’s initial model home is known as the Casita. Though, in the context of the tiny house movement, it’s actually very large! It’s comparable in size to a converted double vehicle garage at 375 square feet and has been constructed as a studio apartment with a full-size bathroom and kitchen amenities.

The Casita comes fully equipped, right out of the box, with a full-size shaker-style kitchen, a massive refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and microwave, a big window just above the sink, and a modern breakfast bar for two. All you need are a bed and a couch.

Behind a contemporary sliding glass, the barn door is a full-sized bathroom equipped with a shower, tub, lighted mirror, and an abundance of storage drawers. Heating and air conditioning are provided, as are dimmable LED lighting beneath the lofty 8-foot windows and beneath the much larger 9.6-foot ceiling.

It features an open floor layout with a bedroom, bathroom, living, dining, and kitchen area, broad plank composite flooring, a built-in ironing center, washer, and dryer, and all appliances are equipped with current technology, including integrated USB ports on their power outlets.

The outside is a steel skin – highly architecturally neutral and quite easy to customize once it comes, allowing you to create a space that feels uniquely yours. The roof is a flat roof system, however, they may alter it on-site after it comes if you want a pitched roof.

Casita Tiny Home Cost

Casita Boxable is being offered completely furnished for $49,500 USD. All you need is a foundation on which to park it, and then you’ll need to connect it to local utilities (this does not include the cost of your property or site preparation).

The apartments are very energy efficient, requiring a considerably smaller air conditioning system than a typical house. They employ a high R-value insulation, a tight construction envelope, and little thermal bridging, which results in a monthly power bill of about $28.

Attention: Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are all factory-installed in your Boxable. Utilities are easily connected on-site to the Boxable’s outside corner. You may configure utilities in any way you like on your site. Whether it’s a water tank or solar panels, they’ll link to the Boxable in the same manner as conventional utilities do.

If you’ve always desired a 30-year mortgage, the projected financing cost for the Boxable room module is $250 USD each month, and they will link you with financial partners for loan alternatives if desired.

The above price is for the studio apartment model; but, if you want additional space, you can add additional bedrooms, additional living space, or even a second floor – the beauty of Boxable is that they are modular!

While they now only offer one model (as of April 2020), their long-term objective is for customers to be able to construct personalized modular houses that they can manufacture in-house and ship to you.

If you live in the US states of AZ, CA, NV, or UT, shipping is free. Following that, you would obtain a pricing quotation from a shipper. They can transport the Casita anywhere in the globe and anticipate that the cost of each mile from Las Vegas will be under $2. They want to include delivery to the entire United States of America in the future.

Boxable Homes

How are Boxable Homes Assembled?

Boxable’s are constructed with precision from steel and concrete and are virtually impenetrable. They picked steel, concrete, and EPS foam as their building materials since they are non-degradable and have a long life.

The walls, floor, and roof are constructed using structurally laminated panels that are far stronger than those found in a typical site-built home. They are constructed using magnesium oxide wallboard, an environmentally friendly material that is resistant to fire and mold, and mildew.

They’ve been designed to resist the worst wind conditions seen in North America (ie, hurricane-proof), and because the walls are completely laminated in one piece, they won’t bend or break during shipment, while also providing excellent sound management.

Because they do not utilize timber or sheetrock, the construction materials will not be harmed by water and will not grow mold, ensuring that the structure will remain unharmed in the event of a flood. Additionally, they are capable of handling snow.

Casita has also been built with fire resistance in mind (let’s face it, nothing in life is totally fireproof) — both the inside and outside are covered in non-combustible materials, ensuring that your Boxable will not ignite if, for example, you catch flying embers.

Because they can be shipped anywhere in the globe, the units have been designed to exceed all applicable construction codes, and the modular approval they have in the United States streamlines local inspections by pre-approving the blueprints.

How do I reserve one?

Everything about Boxable is manufactured and completed in-house. Once constructed, the home folds down from 20 to 8.5 feet wide and can be moved anywhere in the world through trucks, trains, sea, and air.

Why are there 8.5 feet? This is the magic number for significantly lowering delivery costs. They designed it to fold up so little in order to avoid excessive shipping costs and other complications associated with transporting anything larger (ie with a traditional modular or tiny home).

Once delivered, it unfolds in less than two hours, allowing you to leave an empty lot for lunch and return to a completely completed home! It unfolds, plugs in (utilities must be ready to go), and presto! You’ve got yourself a new house!

Even though the unit folds down so little, it still has 5 feet of uncompressed space, which they utilize to store all the furnishings, such as your bathtub, fireplace, and shower.

As of now (April 2020), the firm is experiencing a surge in order volume, and as a result, they are expanding their production and should begin selling Casitas within a year. If you’re interested, you can sign up for the waitlist here.