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Boxabl is considering issuing securities under Regulation A’s Tier 2 provision. There will be no monetary or another kind of payment requested, and any items sent in response will be returned unopened. Accepting an offer to purchase securities and receiving any part of the purchase money is not possible until the Securities and Exchange Commission has qualified the corporation’s offering statement. Without incurring any obligation or making any commitment of any kind, any such offer may be withdrawn or terminated at any time prior to notification of acceptance after the date of qualifying. The sender’s indication of interest does not imply any obligation or commitment. The act of “reserving” securities is only a declaration of interest. The Securities and Exchange Commission has received a registration statement relating to this offering. Click here to download a copy of our preliminary offering circular.

Boxabl has developed a building system that is suitable with large-scale factory mass production and scalable manufacturing. Our objective is to dramatically reduce the cost of homeownership for all people in the United States. Designed with obsessive attention to detail to meet the greatest standards of quality, strength, and durability in order to last for generations.

Paolo Tiramani and Galiano Tiramani

Why Invest in Boxabl?

In addition to being easily shippable and factory-made, Boxabl’s building modules (which are now in the pre-production phase) are engineered to allow for virtually unlimited customization. As of now, the company has over 40,000 bookings for the product, with around 2,000 deposits having been paid. The United States Federal Government was Boxabl’s first customer, placing an order worth approximately $9.2 million.

This year, the company plans to open a 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which will have the potential to produce thousands of easily shippable homes and generate millions of dollars in income.

This is one of the only building methods that are compatible with automobile-style factory mass production, and it is covered by more than 17 patent filings, with more on the way. Currently, the trillion-dollar building construction sector is huge and antiquated, and we are prepared to disrupt it.

$21,219,313 dollars previously waitlisted

*The $21 million figure referred to above is the number of investors that were placed on a waitlist during the company’s prior Reg CF offering. In accordance with past statements, the material offered during this Testing the Waters (“TTW”) initiative is preliminary and subject to revision. There is no obligation to purchase stocks based on indications of interest, and “reserving” securities is nothing more than a signal of interest.”

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Modern Housing Construction Techniques are Outdated!

Our homes are mass-produced on an assembly line, which lowers costs and increases availability while also cutting costs. Traditional housing, on the other hand, is still done by hand, increasing the cost of building and contributing to worldwide housing shortages.

With the use of shipping and manufacturing advances, we have made it possible to mass produce housing in a factory setting. After folding up to a shippable size, our room module, Casita, unfolds and sets up in a matter of hours, creating the appearance of a complete house. Despite the fact that it has a wide range of applications, our current market focus is backyard houses in California.

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