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Boxabl Homes have taken the world by storm

The tiny house movement is gathering steam, not just in the United States, but all across the globe. In the US, a study by IPX 1031, a financial company, found that 86% of first-time home buyers would buy a tiny house as their starter home. This is huge. It has also pushed innovation to new limits. A new company named Boxabl is making waves with its new retail home sales model. The company has pioneered a new way to build homes right out of their megafactory assembly line in Las Vegas. Imagine a home that contains all your essentials and even luxury amenities, all built at the same speed it takes to assemble a new laptop. Simply amazing!

According to founder and CEO, Paolo Tiramani, “living with less does not mean living with less quality”. Even though some people consider Boxabl homes “tiny homes”, a standard Boxabl home comes with 9.5-foot ceilings, 8-foot windows, is fully furnished, and comes with all the appliances. The price tag? An affordable $49,500. The home can be delivered and set up anywhere within the United States.

New Technology Lowers the Cost of Construction

Many people associate the American Dream with homeownership. But that dream has been elusive to many hard-working Americans because of the ever skyrocketing prices of single-family homes. In some parts of the country (West Coast and North East Coasts), homeownership has more or less slipped away from the grasp of the average American worker. According to Zillow, the median home price in the San Jose-San Francisco area is $1.2 million! While this only refers to middle-tier homes, it underscores the point that homeownership is quickly becoming elusive for many in this part of the country. Clearly, we need an innovative solution like Boxabl homes.

Boxable Tiny Home
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Why are regular homes so expensive?

Home prices have been rising steadily in the rest of the country as well. In 2021, the average home price in the continental United States was $290,000. Again, even though this is mid-tier, it’s still relatively costly. In addition to market forces, here are a few reasons why home prices are high:

  1. Supply and demand – There are simply fewer homes that are people.
  2. High cost of construction material
  3. High cost of production
  4. Shipping and Zoning issues

Boxabl Solves all the above problems

The Boxabl factory is touted as one of the most advanced in the housing industry.  Unlike conventional home construction, the facility utilizes advanced robotics to churn out a new home in a matter of hours using new manufacturing techniques and building materials. In short, the mission is to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone.

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